Go Refurbished, good for your wallet and reduce CO2

100% reliable with 2 year warranty

All our products are 100% technically and high quality. But cheaper. The difference with new is that the housing and screen sometimes have signs of use, such as scratches and dents. But sometimes not. We always mention the cosmetic condition with every product and you will see this reflected in the price. You also get certainty with 2 years standard warranty.

Apple and Windows support

On average, Apple supports its Macs for 8 years after the device's initial release. That means that a MacBook or iMac from 2020 will often be updated with new versions of macOS until 2028. iPhones and iPads are supported by new versions of iOS and iPadOS for an average of five years after release.

Since Windows XP, it is standard that every Windows version receives ten years of support. The first five years are 'Mainstream Support', during which Microsoft addresses all kinds of bugs and problems. This is followed by another five years of 'Extended Support', for which you have to pay and in which only critical and security-relevant updates are available for free.

ISO-gecertificeerd en 28+ jaar ervaring

Breedste aanbod refurbished producten

Hoge inruilwaarde 

Volledige rapportage incl. CO2-besparing

Hoge inruilwaarde 

Volledige rapportage incl. CO2-besparing

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